Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Please don't puzzle on Column-Stores

Daniel Abadi have a blog post here:

I want to leave a comment and to correct it here:

It is meaningless to compare the two groups, they target to different applications. I think the post just make more confusion. And what Mr. Stonebraker said is also not right.

I think the only thing which make these confusions is the term "column" in Group A. In fact, it is not traditional "column" of RDBMS area. And your example of a traditional spreadsheet table is also not the real target of Group A. The "column" name in Group A is in fact data (not schema).

If have got to change the term, I think we can change the term "column" in Group A to "end-key". In fact, in Bigtable, there is no column, it is "qualifier".

In short:
(1) Group A's "column" is in data, not schema.
(2) Group B's "column" is in schema.
They are different in conception and application target.

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