Saturday, July 10, 2010

My comments to "Cassandra at Twitter Today"

Someone said the twitter blog post "Cassandra at Twitter Today" is a big blow to the reputation of Cassandra.

Here are my comments:

1. Cassandra is very young! Especially, the design and implementation of local storage and local indexing are junior and not good.

2. Pool read-performance is also due to the poor local storage implementation.

3. The local storage, indexing and persistence structures are not stable. They need to be re-designed /re-implemented. If Twitter move data to current Cassandra, they should do another move later for a new local storage, indexing and persistence structure.

4. There are many good techniques in Cassandra and other open-sourced projects (such as Hadoop, HBase ...), etc. But, they are not ready for production. Understand the detail of these techniques and implement them in your projects/products.


  1. After re-read the Dynamo paper, I can determine that Cassandra will be abandoned by more and more organizations. And Dynamo architecture will be a not-good choice.

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